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world Cup 2022


world Cup 2022

world Cup 2022
world Cup 2022

Will England play in the Winter World Cup in 2022

Through all the uproar that Sepp Blatter made with his detached comments about homosexuality in Qatar, a very important message has been missed: Sepp Blatter gave his support to host the tournament during the winter months after Qatar won the 2022 bid.

This is mainly due to the extreme temperatures during the summer months in the Middle Eastern country. Traditionally, the tournament is usually held between June and July, but in Qatar, the temperature at this time can reach 50 degrees Celsius.
Franz Beckenbauer, captain, and coach of the former World Cup-winning German national team had previously raised concerns about the health risks posed by extreme temperatures.

Qatar was the surprise winner to host the 2022 World Cup and the decision was met with outright rejection. This topic will definitely generate more criticism.

Many will wonder if the issue was raised during the bidding process, and if so, was it overlooked?

Indeed, Qatar mentioned the weather, but left it in the background, calling it a secondary issue.

The idea was to build air-conditioned stadiums, and the "Winter World Cup" proposal was never raised.

The question now should certainly be: Did Qatar provide misinformation during its bid, or was the Bid File Committee aware of the repercussions all along?

If the committee were aware of the health and safety risks they posed to players, this would only add more fuel to the fire that the money played a role in the bidding process. Whispers of corruption surrounded the bidding process. He was described as bitter by England for losing the 2018 show

world Cup 2022
world Cup 2022

It is worth noting here that it has been said that freedom of the press in England has cost it hosting the World Cup. Basically, FIFA didn't award the tournament to England because they don't like being investigated, but that's a point for another time.

Although there are no regulations that state that the World Cup must be played during the summer months, the potential disruption to domestic leagues that the Winter World Cup could cause is staggering.

Several top players and managers, including Sir Alex Ferguson, have called for a winter break in the past to help England with their World Cup chances, but news of the possibility of a Winter World Cup will be furious.

Major clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal will have to release their players for up to 7 weeks to allow them to participate in the tournament.

Upon their return, they will be released at the end of the season with the knockout stages of the Champions League and the final stages of the FA Cup.

It will also have a knock-on effect, as players will likely only have 4 weeks to recover during the summer months before starting pre-season training.

Sponsorships of tournaments such as the Champions League will be affected by the presence of the Winter World Cup, as there must be a two-month gap between the group stage and the knockout stages. Then there will be a major sporting showdown with the 2022 Winter Olympics, which has a healthy TV following.

Other questions have been raised about Qatar's bid, including the carbon footprint of the proposed air-conditioned stadiums and the laws enforced by the country.

FIFA also stated that it brings football to a country where it can have a social and cultural impact. Qatar and Australia, who are also vying for hosting, have never hosted the World Cup. Qatar has a population of 1.7 million. Australia - 22.6 million. Soccer (soccer) is on the rise in Australia, and is becoming more and more popular.

If FIFA wanted to have a social and cultural impact, then Australia was certainly the best option.

As it stands, the impression left by FIFA's performance is that the bid was given to Qatar to have all the pieces in place upon acceptance. Understandably, many football fans are asking for our team to retire.

As a German newspaper said, the 2022 World Cup could be disastrous.