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You're Different? On others How So?

You're Different? On others How So

You're Different? On others How So?
You're Different? On others How So?
Often after I sit down with associate degree owner of a tiny low business I hear them exclaim that they're totally different from those they contend against. Upon hearing that phrase, I ask, "How so?"

The answer is sometimes an inventory of generalities like, "We provide higher service" or "We're friendlier" or "We care additional." These points of differentiation area unit nice, however not simply measured and compared. what is more, it's terribly troublesome to induce the prospect to visualize, feel, and wish these general differentiators.

I nearly ne'er hear them speak in measurable specifics; points of differentiation which will be quantified and compared like, "Our maintenance staff is that the just one that's 100% certified in our geographic area" or "Our customers will opt for additional delivery choices than anywhere else" or "Our backorder rate is healthier than ninety-eight of corporations in our trade."

Take a glance at your competitor's websites and alternative advertising. What do they assert concerning themselves? however does one compare? What points are you able to build which will illustrate and demonstrate your "bitterness?"

It's not ok to mention, "we're different" as a result of everybody will say that and will. nobody pays attention to its variety of jactitation. folks do listen once some extent of differentiation is particular and measurable. It offers them one thing to check to assist build buying choices.

I challenge you to put in writing an inventory of specific and measurable points of differentiation for your company or product. Compare them to your competition and see wherever you kick off on high. confirm a point, slogan, or phrase you'll be able to use to drive home your benefits to your customers, your employees and your prospects and prosper on your "difference" and "bitterness."

The second a part of this challenge is to work out however you may use it to push your business and/or your product and services.

Use these differentiating statements in your advertising after all.
Insert them into your sales presentation scripts
Answer the phone with a press release like: "Thanks for line XYZ company wherever we have a tendency to guarantee orders placed by 2 pm are shipped an equivalent day!"
Teach these points of differentiation to all or any of your employees, even people who ne'er act in an exceedingly promoting or sales state of affairs, as a result of it builds pride in their work additionally.
Once you begin victimization measurable, specific, demonstratable points of differentiation, you may have a series of statements to separate your company and therefore the product/services you sell from your competition rather than some tired commonplace or generality.